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BOB DALZIEL (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar)

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Born in Victoria, March 11, 1950.  Bob co-founded "Rukus" as a group with former lead guitarist Rod Arundell in 1981. The only original member, Bob sings lead and plays rhythm guitar.  

He enjoys all types of music, but "Rock A Billy" is a personal favorite.  Heavily influenced by Elvis, The Beatles, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent, etc.  His favorite new groups are Darrel Higham, The Stray Cats and Cousin Harley.

Bob's all time favorite song is Elvis' "Baby Let's Play House.".

Married to Brenda, the original 'Rukus' girl,  since 1975, they have two daughters, Lisa and Laurie, and four "Rukus" grandkids, Kalvyn, Halen, Lacy and Ryder.

Bob retired from the City of Victoria after 36 years.  He also played organized baseball and fastball locally for 20 years, playing most positions, but was mainly a pitcher.

Likes Chopped Mercs, Film Noir And Sky Blue.

DAVE KISSINGER (Lead Guitar, Vocals)


Dave got hooked on guitar one lunch hour in 1958 after listening to Don Beech and Bill Comerford play Poison Ivy and a couple of Everly Brothers songs in the school lunch room. By the age of 12 he had taught himself how to play "Torture" on his prized "Gemtone". Shortly after, he joined with several friends and began exploring songs by the Ventures, Wailers, Johnny and the Hurricanes and the Fireballs, to name just a few. Eventually someone suggested they play for an hour at a dance being held at the Club Soho. The Trojans, as they were now called, ended up playing most of the night and their first dance was in the bag. Over the next few years Dave played mainly for school and teen dances. In those days, bands played instrumentals only.

In the early 60's bands started doing vocals, mainly on the influence of the Beatles. A band called R.P.M. and the Regents was formed fronted by Raymond Peter May who had an English accent, pointed Beatle boots and "longer hair"!! The group was very successful throughout the 60's.  In 2008, Dave was honoured by his peers and inducted into The Victoria Rock & Roll Hall of Fame along with fellow members of "The Regents"

In the late 70's and 80's, Dave joined Phoenix playing Eagles, BTO, Police, Chicago, CCR, Van Morrison in addition to the earlier R&B standards and even a "country" set.

Dave has been with Rukus since the early 90's. He has a strong appreciation for every type of music and has enjoyed the challenge of doing authentic versions of the material Rukus plays.

PAUL MCLELLAN (Percussion, Vocals)


Rukus drummer Paul McLellan's first experience playing drums in a live band was in 1975.  He was the drummer in a Led Zeppelin cover band called McGraw.  The third gig the band played was the Radium Rock Festival in front of a crowd of 10,000 people.  At the young age of 17, that show got Paul hooked on live performance for life.

Pauls's biggest claim to fame is his experience as a member of Showdown performing on the Rodeo Song album in 1980.  The album went triple platinum in Canada, sold in many countries around the world and was nominated for a Juno award in 1982.

Since moving out west to Victoria, in the early 80's, Paul has been a member of many local groups such as Doc and Doo Wops, Third Avenue, The Maxx Band, Peppermint Twist, and currently plays with Rukus and the Matheson Band

He is a school teacher by day and also enjoys snowboarding, water sports and fishing

Steve Hansen (Bass, Vocals)


".My first major influence, was "Roger Miller" but when the " Beatles arrived on the scene, I knew that was it, I would be a musician. After a few years of accordion lessons, I switched to guitar , then bass.  The first band that I played in, was "Whiskey Tree". This Nanaimo based band played up and down the island during the mid 60's on the Coffee House circuit. Other 60's bands I played in were, "Jacob Grin" and "Steamboat".
  The 70's and 80's brought bands like the "Northern Lights" (Country), "Phoenix" (classic rock), with Dave Kissinger, "Steamboat"(classic rock from Victoria), and "Savanna Blue" with Little Ed Wright.

  Eventually I joined Dave and Bob in an earlier version of Rukus, along with Helen Davies, Steve Peabody and Brian Ferguson. I left to take some time off for Family, then got back into the music scene with "Kickstart"(classic rock, R&B). Other recent bands include the "Ready Willing Band"(classic rock) and "Little Black T"(modern rock). So now here I am back with Rukus, playing the music I started out with. Its good to be playing with such a great bunch of guys

MARTY ADAMS (Keyboard, Vocals)


Born in London, England, keyboardist and vocalist Marty Adams grew up with both the British Invasion and the era of Northwest Rock in the 1960's. He lists Northwest bands such as 'The Wailers', 'The Sonics' and 'The Viceroys' as early Rock 'n' Roll musical influences. His all-time favorite singer is Del Shannon of whom he has an extensive collection of recordings, music and memorabilia.

During the sixties, Marty played in a number of local bands including the Beau Gentry, the Mixed Emotions and the Hidden Fifth. This was during the era of Victoria clubs such as the Purple Onion, which regularly featured local bands as well as top name Northwest bands from the United States.

After embarking on a teaching career in 1968, Marty got out of organized bands in the early seventies and focused on choral directing and many aspects of musical theatre. In the mid eighties he was invited to join 'Doc & The Doo Wops', a fledgling musical group made up of Victoria Operatic Society members. This group developed into the number one nostalgia/show band in Victoria over a period of ten years, ending with a final outdoor performance at the Commonwealth Games in 1994.

During that time, and for three years after, Marty played in a trio called Third Avenue. His opportunity to join Rukus came in June of 2001 with a phone call from guitarist Dave Kissinger, asking him if he was the same old fellow who used to play in bands in the 1960's.

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