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To all our friends, families, fans and past and present band members:


Today, March 10, 2019 , is when we say goodbye. It’s been an incredible journey. Thanks go to Bob Dalziel, Dave Kissinger, Marty Adams, Don Crocker and Steve Hansen for faithfully reproducing the sound of the 50's and 60's. As you know, given our long tenure, there are so many more to thank. 


Of course, after 38 years as a band, there are going to be times when we disagree. Lately we have been unable to come to a compromise. This has become even more difficult since the departure of Marty and Don, due to medical issues. Our last show was to be New Years Eve, 2018, but after a band meeting with all members present, we all decided we should honour some previously booked gigs, without rehearsals, up to the end of March 2019. There were other commitments we were hoping to fill in the coming year as Rukus but because of recent internal issues that would be impossible now.


Thank you to our friends Geoff Peterson & Don Restall on drums and Alan Heffer on keyboards for their help in allowing us to play out the gigs since December. These gentlemen have done an amazing job.  A special thank you to Peter Willing for his lead vocals on March 8th, and to Dave Oxendale and Paul McLelland for sound. Also thanks to our many roadies over the years including Nick Elliot, our current equipment manager.


There has been a significant amount of negative and largely incorrect information posted in recent days. We would like to stress, that no-one was kicked out of the band and that there is not another band either formed or using the “ Rukus “ name.  That name belongs to Bob.


All the best to the band. This has been difficult for all of us, but we must accept that it is over. It’s been a slice. Goodbye."

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